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2002 Honda S2000 2.0 Turbo - Sebring Silver Metallic

Media Coverage


02/17/2009 - Urban Racer - Online feature article
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10/20/2008 - DSport Magazine December 2008 Issue - Feature Car
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07/19/2008 - CAR AND MODEL  - Hot Import Nights - Orlando - 2008
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04/05/08 - URBAN RACER - Nopi Drag & Drift  - Moroso Motorsports Park, West Palm Beach, FL
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01/29/ 2008 -
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By Nelson Queralta,
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12/15/ 2007 - CAR AND MODEL  - Hot Import Nights - Miami - 2007
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12/15/ 2007 - URBAN RACER - Hot Import Nights - Miami - 2007
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By Warren Shim-Quee, Urban Racer
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Indigenous to Miami, Robert and Richard Wong from made their debut appearance at Hot Import Nights with their Honda S2000. With over ten years of experience in the import scene, the Wong brothers put their minds together and came up with this ridiculously clean Honda S2000. This S2000 was meticulously assembled with a Full Race turbo kit that makes it look as if it were turbocharged from the factory. The glossy Seibon carbon fiber hood, roof, and rear wing were installed only days before the show along with the eye catching graphics that were professionally installed by The Wong brothers are responsible for owning and operating, and online parts distributor that has been active for years. When the Wong brothers aren't selling parts, they are building crazy cars such as this 430hp Honda S2000, or the turbocharged GMC Yukon that parks in front of the store. The Wong brothers run their business and build their cars with years of experience, which helps to keep everything top notch.

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